Remote Chaos Experience - rC3

This domain is intended as subdomain provider for community projects during the rC3 2020 - the replacement event for the Chaos Communication Congress of 2020. The rC3 event will be heavily based on an online 2D workadventure game with video conferencing and heavily customizable pixelart maps (see HowTo).

See rc3.world for the official event website from the CCCV Chaos Computer Club Veranstaltungsgesellschaft mbH. Any projects hosted under *.rc3.io are community-operated projects which are not affiliated with the CCCV GmbH or the CCC e.V.

Subdomain directory

Use pull requests to add your desired subdomain name to this list. Specify target IPv4/IPv6/CNAME/… in the pull request description. First come, first serve. Subdomains which are dead for a couple of days may be replaced/reused.

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